Core Services

How Kojima Can Help

1. Market Entry

• Pre-Market Research & Consultation

Have questions regarding China’s market? Our staff, on the ground & throughout the country keep up-to-date on the latest market & regulatory trends, helping to provide our clients with insightful & in-depth market intelligence.

• Product Registration

We partner with a reliable, time-tested, & trustworthy registration agent to help facilitate the certification process. Our goal is to get your medical device to market as soon as possible.

• Product Launch:

With the help of some of China’s most respected Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Kojima can set up events and seminars to introduce new medical devices into the market.

Market Entry - Kojima Medical | China Medical Device Distributor

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Distribution - Kojima Medical - China Medical Device Distributor

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2. Distribution

• Direct Sales:

Selling imported medical devices directly into hospitals across China is our core competency. We streamlined the process from import the device to invoicing the hospital.

• Dealer Management:

We supplement our direct sales channel with a strict dealer management system to gain even greater hospital reach in the medical device market.

• Hospital Relationships

20 years in business have allowed us to develop key hospital and doctor relationships. Our partners leverage these relationships to further penetrate the medical device market.

3. Market Development

• Product Positioning Consultation

Based on key physician feedback, Kojima consults current and potential clients regarding key product positioning issues such as product features, packaging design, hospital/distributor price point, supply-chain incentives, and more.

• Physician Education

Our relationships with some of China’s most capable KOLs allows us to facilitate physician education and technical exchanges, from the top down, of unique medical devices.

• Medical Conference & Product Seminars

Working with our partners, Kojima can lead or consult on attending China’s medical device conferences held throughout the year. We can also set up product seminars to re-align product knowledge among sales staff and relevant physicians.

Market Development - Kojima Medical - China Medical Device Distributor

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Leverage Kojima’s Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

Leverage Kojima - Kojima Medical | China Medical Device Distributor

For over 20 years, our manufacturing partners have leveraged our portfolio of services to successfully supply their devices to the China market.

We encourage other prospective medical device manufacturers, who are interested in China, to inquire further about Kojima’s value added services.