Our Competitive Advantages

Why We Will Succeed Together
Strong Sales & Distribution Management
Selling & Distribution. Our Core Strengths.

Kojima’s strength lies in its direct sales to hospitals and distribution management capabilities, allowing for a unified and consistent sales effort on a national and province-to-province basis. This means:

1. Consistent marketing and sales strategy on a national and local level;
2. Consistent tender and pricing strategy, and;
3. Continual commitment to national market development through human and financial capital.

With its established distribution network, Kojima is capable of buying directly from manufacturing partners, importing and warehousing the products, and transporting to hospitals on demand. We assume the risk of purchasing these products in advance to better facilitate the distribution to required areas.

 Real Time Market Knowledge
Keeping You Informed & Relevant.

Our direct sales and disciplined dealer management approach enables us to collect concrete, pertinent market data directly from the source: doctors and hospital staff. We keep our partners up-to-date on the ever-changing market environment by prioritizing ongoing data collection through our regional offices from management down to our front line sales teams.

With a vested interest in the success of your brand, we continue to develop the market by promoting your brand through high profile medical conferences and building quality relationships by actively seeking out and following up with new contacts.

 Long Term Business Commitment
20 Years of Sales Experience.

Kojima has been in the medical sales business for over 20 years with dedication to honesty, accountability, and ethical work. With an entrepreneurial mindset and a time-tested, western-style management system, our commitment is to working openly with our manufacturing partners to grow an enduring business with solid foundations. Coupled with our internal audits to ensure compliance at every stage, we hold ourselves accountable to our partners and continually seek out ways to grow both our market shares together.

Bridging The Cultural Divide
Our People Are Our Real Competitive Strength.

With our extensive and international education background, fluency in Mandarin and English, and management with experience working for multinational firms, we understand each other’s differences and incorporate this diversity to provide a level of service that foreign business expect while successfully navigating China’s medical device market.

Let Kojima take the headache out of doing business in the PRC.