Product Positioning Consultation

In order to determine how to move forward in a marketing development strategy, we leverage our physician relationships to obtain important feedback regarding product usability and any other marketing or regulatory issues that may act as barriers to greater adoption.

Based on this key physician feedback, Kojima consults current and potential clients regarding key usability and marketing issues such as product features, packaging design, hospital price point, supply-chain incentives, and more.

Kojima understands that multiple, complex issues may be involved in restraining a device’s sales potential. The nuances of China’s healthcare market can sometimes be the difference between marketing success outside the country but wavering sales within it. We work closely with physicians and manufacturers to ensure all potential marketing facets and issues for the product are successfully addressed.

Market Development - Consultation

Physician Education

Creating initial awareness among physicians for newly registered devices is just the first step in establishing a device’s market presence. Once positioned in the market, Kojima continually works with key hospital physicians and their direct understudies to ensure that both product usage knowledge and usage continuity is maintained.

Throughout the years, Kojima has helped medical device brands penetrate further into the healthcare market by bringing these devices into Tier 2,3 & 4 city hospitals through KOL advocacy programs.

These physician training events, organized by Kojima, help to bring skilled physicians from the major coastal cities into China’s interior provinces.

Market Development - Education

Medical Conferences & Product Seminars

From event registration to organizing marketing materials and booth staff recruitment, Kojima can lead and/or consult with manufacturing brands on attending China’s numerous medical device conferences held throughout the year. During these events, we organize booth visits from our KOL’s that allow for key face-to-face communication between the physician and device manufacturer.

Kojima also facilitates product seminars that bring together KOLs and sales staff to re-align product knowledge and discuss sales strategies and best practices.


Market Development - Conferences