Defibrillation Pads

By: TZ Medical
TZ Medical

All of TZ Medical’s defibrillation pads are constructed to adhere and conform to the body, providing superior current distribution, which results in better clinical outcomes. Our improved edge design disperses energy uniformly, reducing burns and other skin injuries.

Direct connect electrodes are compatible with a variety of defibrillators. Adapters are also available, allowing multiple brands of defibrillators to use the same electrodes.

Sterile Adult Defib Pads:

P-111 Series- Radiotranslucent electrode with leads out
P-211 Series – Radiotransparent electrode
P-311 Series – Radiotransparent electrode with leads out
P-214 Series – Radiotransparent electrode with large back pad



Sterile Adult Defib Pads:

P-121 Series
P-224 Series



Pediatric Defib Pads:

P-112 Series – Radiotranslucent electrode
P-212 Series – Radiotransparent electrode

Sterile Pediatric Defib Pads:

P-122 Series